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[Stage] Antony & Cleopatra

(July 31st, 2013)

Houston Shakespeare Festival presents “Antony and Cleopatra” at the Miller Outdoor Theatre.

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(July 5th, 2013)

On the way to an assignment, passed by this little enclave at the edge of Armand Bayou on the Pasadena side. Came back and took some photos. Lots of activities there Saturday morning.

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(July 3rd, 2013)

A quick trip to Dallas before the 4th of July weekend. Decided to treat it like a ‘classic’ American road trip ala the Griswalds. Pretty amazing how much more photo opps you noticed along the way. Will make sure to spend more time taking pictures next trip.

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(July 3rd, 2013)

Across Bucees’s at Madisonville, TX.

Firework Stand straight out of Amy Lanasa’s play “Buy One Get Five Free”, as produced by University of Houston School of Theater and Dance.