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[Photo Art] Americana Gas

(Aug 31st, 2013)

Exploration continues. Finally getting to understand “Big City”, “Suburban” and “Small Town” American. The landscape of “Hall Valley” from the Back To The Future series is making sense now.

Time still stands still in most part of the country. And visually, it is not always bad.

[Stage] Hamlet Among Us

(Aug 30th, 2013)

Photo campaign for Classical Theatre Company’s production of “Hamlet”.

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(Aug 28th, 2013)

Continuing the momentum of studio sessions with Jazz masters. We finally got the illusive bassist David Craig.

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(Aug 14th, 2013)

Have not done these in a while. A new home for the studio helped get the mood back.

As it so happens, the great jazz drummer and vibes man Tom Cummings is in town (back from Canada) for a studio session with Blue Bamboo Music. A Christmas album with Chris Cortez and Tianna Hall, which I am nominally (photographically speaking) involved as well.

We have been wanting to do a photo shoot for more than five years. It finally happened. Looking forward to our next session!

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[Stage] As You Like It

(Aug 1st, 2013)

Houston Shakespeare Festival presents “As You Like It”.

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