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(Aug 14th, 2014)

It’s one of those instances where the GPS leads you to an accidental discovery by insisting you make a somewhat questionable right turn.

It is a road I have driven a few times before from Houston to Alvin, and then back. I have noticed it’s also route that I have to take when I forget how to get to a location in Alvin, or how to get back to Houston.

It is not a particularly scenic route. One lane traffic designated CR 129. Some warehouses, industrial buildings and a very interesting landscape or architecture building that has some sort of metal sculpture on the roof. (Which I will have to remember to take a closer look next time).

Then I noticed a rock sign for a Buddhist temple. And then this large statue of a meditating buddha right next to it. Needless to say, it got my attention. I only had time to take some pictures of the statue. Will try to find time in the very near future to see about the temple.

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[100 Images] Seadrift Part II

(Aug 8th, 2014)


Another road trip out to Seadrift, TX. This time, we got to spend a few hours exploring the little town.

Founded in 1888, and judging from historical photos on display near the Art Boat art center, it was a town on the verge on becoming a place to be.

It survives today as a shrimp port, and a oasis of sorts away from chemical plants and the city of Victoria.

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A torpedo as yard ornament.

Pelican bay.

Swing facing San Antonio Bay.

Shrimp boats up close.

(Aug 2nd, 2014)

The Barnes & Nobles over at Bay Area Blvd host interesting characters. The most recent one is of a NASA engineer parking in the car lot with a telescope set up.

Thanks to him, I got see the International Space Station fly by, and a quick lesson in buying a telescope. Did not catch his last name, but he was very proud of the fact that he designed the original software to track the ISS some twenty years ago.

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