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(Oct 19th, 2014)

from Houston Arts Alliance website:

Silos II: Inter/action & Noche Roja
Buffalo Bayou Silos Series as part of Transported + Renewed
Co-sponsored by Buffalo Bayou Partnership

Visual artist Allison Hunter’s latest video installation Inter/action draws comparisons between human and insect behavior and reflects on how various species go about creating community. FrenetiCore Dance fuses fiery Spanish dance and music by Solero Flamenco with daring contemporary choreography.

Silos II kicked off with live music from La Sien, presented by Lunaface Promotions, infusing Spanish pop rock with jazz, blues and funk. Throughout the evening, female Houston street artists Anat Ronen, Royal, Clear1, Lady Binx and Lee Carrier joined forces to showcase their talents; flow artists Agent Cilantro, Alie Rose and MX Tr3y of Mental Dexterity Special Operations and Punk Rock Hoops created a party atmosphere with roaming dance and illuminated float arts; and HTX Bike Fest, The Byke Project and Black Gold Cycling showed off their freestyle bike stunts. In addition, Silos II featured cocktails crafted by East End’s own Voodoo Queen alongside Ladybird, The Modular and MoonRooster‘s delicious menus.

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[Photo Art] Fun Squares

(Sept 8th, 2014)

Square formats has its limitations, and possibilities. Like a chess board, the creativity is found within its square borders. The square format succeeds by not being ‘landscape’ or “‘portrait’.

Taking it one step further via panoramas, “Tiny Planets” app offers a fun way to create square images. A photo purist will no doubt scoff at the idea and application, but then I am no technosnob.

Never say never, of course, until I discover another fun (and easy) way to do photo manipulation, this will probably where I might draw the line. Any more will bring me from a passable decent photographer to a really bad entry level “graphic designer”.

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(July 4th, 2014)

Some random panoramics taken during that road trip to Dallas. Two walls happened to be in the same area of McKinney, TX. A concrete wall with random writings carved into, and another of music notes printed. If they somehow survive for 50,000 years, would archaeologists think they were writings from a ermerging/decaying culture? Would they be able to recognized the time period they were in?

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(March 6th, 2014)

New pieces for sale.

Interesting little sea port blocked in by a chemical plant and miles of petroleum related industry. Population just over 1000, and its main export are shrimps and a surprisingly location of artistDeiter Erhard Studio.

Some random shots from the passenger seat on way in and out of the town.

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Oil Town Farm. (color)

Land Boat Away from the Chemical Plant.

A View on State Hwy 185, Seadrift TX.

[Photo Art] Random Houston in Panoramic

(Sept 20th, 2013)

Been randomly taking panoramic images of hometown whenever possible.  Why? Because it is fun.

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[Photo Art] Americana Gas

(Aug 31st, 2013)

Exploration continues. Finally getting to understand “Big City”, “Suburban” and “Small Town” American. The landscape of “Hall Valley” from the Back To The Future series is making sense now.

Time still stands still in most part of the country. And visually, it is not always bad.

[Art] Buy One Get Give Free

(July 3rd, 2013)

Across Bucees’s at Madisonville, TX.

Firework Stand straight out of Amy Lanasa’s play “Buy One Get Five Free”, as produced by University of Houston School of Theater and Dance.

(June 2nd, 2013)

In search of breakfast after, and we stopped along the way near where there used to be a hotel on the pier. Now it is an amusement park. We got indoors just as the storm came.

New images as part of the “Atlantis Dream” series.

(June 2nd, 2013) Morning fishermen. Supplemental to the “100 Images of Summer” Sand Castle series. Way, way at the other side of the beach are people fishing, with the Gulf of Mexico as backdrop, and storm clouds looming. Included them in the “Atlantis Dream” series.!i=2553469645&k=8J4S7Kx

(June 2nd, 2013) Different idea of fun. Supplemental to the “100 Images of Summer” Sand Castle series. We stopped near where the hotel on the pier used to be and took some more photos. Included them in the “Atlantis Dream” series.!i=2553471426&k=vZbWWrS

(June 2nd, 2013) Welcoming the storm with Pleasure. Supplemental to the “100 Images of Summer” Sand Castle series. We stopped near where the hotel on the pier used to be and took some more photos. Included them in the “Atlantis Dream” series.!i=2553471052&k=HCXR69c

[Art] Fish Exposed

(May 30th, 2013)

It is interesting to note (again) how one’s perspective of an image defers depending on how it is being presented.

(May 30th, 2013)

An unexpected incident forced me to just sit and wait by the Texas City Dyke. Flock of seagulls create interesting patterns with time.