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(Oct 4th, 2014)

It was rained out, and rescheduled to coincide with another HAA sponsered event. Turned out was a bit thin, but sheer enthusiasm made up for the lack of numbers.

Different water vehicle types gathered at Allens’ Landing, from art boats to barely floatable types to can that even float types. They paddled few miles upstream to across Tony Marron Park, where the Buffalo Bayou Shrimp Festival was held.

It is also important to note that the weather was spectacular.

For more information on the parade and the festival, visit Houston Arts Alliance   and Shrimp Boat Projects

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[Solis] East End Ramble

(Sept 27th, 2014)

Images from Houston Arts Alliance’s East End Ramble. Unveiling of interactive art installations around the East End Neighbourhood.

Part of the 3 month long Transported + Renewed festival (Sept 1 – Nov 30th, 2014)

more information on East End Ramble, art work and artists:


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(March 14th, 2014)

It is not quite the horse culture of the Mongolian Steps. However, contestants at the rodeo do remind us that there are still people who live and breathe the lifestyle in this North America continent.

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Wedding at a Parade

(Dec 7th, 2013)

It isn’t often that one gets to brag about shooting a wedding as part of a parade. I am not sure how often weddings in parades are done, the latest one being the gay wedding at the Rose Parade. Nevertheless, this one occurred in League City’s 16th Annual Holiday in the Park Grand Night Parade Wedding. The parade organizers sponsored the winning couple a dress fitting session (free dress), bridal photographer session (and wedding photography) and other goodies. While I was not the official photographer, I got to cover the fitting and the parade for the newspaper.

A special note about the weather — It was the coldest on record for the evening.

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(Nov 9th, 2013)

Vets gather for a “Sunrise Cookoff” at VFW Post 7109 over the Veteran’s Day weekend. Being able to walk around in space and see the different types of pits in action is quite illuminating. Art, Lifestyle, Culture, Philosophy in one Americana moment.

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(Nov 7th, 2013)

Abandoned house or not, fire fighters take each situation equally seriously. It is always an interesting contrast between those who are observing (knowing they are safe and unaffected) and those who are in the thick of action.

Presented in both color and B&W as an exercise in perception.

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