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(March 14th, 2014)

Can you tell I really love shooting with balloons?

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(March 30th, 2014)

That scene from Dead Poets Society, where the Keating’s class looked at pictures of past students. The phrase “Carpe Diem”, has unfortunately been so overused, it has lost its allure. But those pictures in the glass cases, strong reminder that we sometimes are not alone in our journey in life, we sometimes walk with greatness and destiny, even for a moment.

Sometimes a photographer gets to try to recreate that same feeling of destiny and moment, hoping that some 150 years from now, someone would be able to look at a set of photos, and say “that is a great group of people together, wish I was there too”.

The University of Houston School of Theater and Dance class of Spring 2014 gave me that opportunity. Great group of people. Many thanks to them for allowing me to be part of their moment.

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(Jan 7th, 2014)

Most Jazz portraits thus far have been presented in B&W. Sometimes, colors are just better, at least in this case.

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(Feb 7th, 2014)

The band Soul Swagger drops in for a session.

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(Nov 17th, 2013)

My friend Chris Battle-Williams graduates from the University of Houston School of Theater and Dance. Congratulations!

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(Oct 10th, 2013)

We did a similar shoot a few years ago for Tianna Hall‘s CD “Ballads and Bossas”. But it is a new location and a new purpose.

No better reason to drop by the studio than needing photos of a new 7 string custom made Benedetto Guitar.

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(Oct 9th, 2013)

The Alisha Jane Pattillo Session.

Despite constant interruptions from malfunctioning equipment, we got some good shots, I think. Alisha brings the cool and big sound to the studio.

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(Aug 28th, 2013)

Continuing the momentum of studio sessions with Jazz masters. We finally got the illusive bassist David Craig.

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(Aug 14th, 2013)

Have not done these in a while. A new home for the studio helped get the mood back.

As it so happens, the great jazz drummer and vibes man Tom Cummings is in town (back from Canada) for a studio session with Blue Bamboo Music. A Christmas album with Chris Cortez and Tianna Hall, which I am nominally (photographically speaking) involved as well.

We have been wanting to do a photo shoot for more than five years. It finally happened. Looking forward to our next session!

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(June 26th, 2013)

Actor Andrew Garrett came by the studio, and we did some characters.

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Andrew Garrett I

Andrew Garrett II