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(Sept 13th, 2014)

Houston Museum of African American Culture and Nigerian-American Multicultural Center presented  “Parallels” – Devotional Music from the African Diaspora. Hosted by MECA, and performances from Journeymen For Christ and RCCG Restoration Chapel Choir. The contrast and similarities of Gospel music and an almost full African Choir should be a real visual and audio feast for any ethno-musicologist.

more images at: http://forestphotography.smugmug.com/ThroughTheDoorsofMECA/Exhibitions-and-Performance/20140913-Parallels/44332253_626J4V 


(Feb 9th, 2014)

Asia Society Presents! Voices of the Spirit 4 In partnership with Houston Arts Alliance’s Folklife + Traditional Arts Program.

Houston Arts Alliance’s Folklife and Traditional Arts Program celebrates sacred music traditions from Houston’s diverse faith communities with a concert entitled Voices of the Spirit. This year’s concert features Buddhist praise and chant ( Buddhist nuns of Chung Mei Temple in Stafford), a cappella gospel (The Soul Influence), and Hindustani ragas (Hindustani melodic modes by Pandit Suman Ghosh).

more images at:  http://forestphotography.smugmug.com/Cantus-Mundus/2014-Cantus-Diem/Voices-of-the-Spirits-4/36962028_XCT9P2

more information at : http://asiasociety.org/texas/houston-arts-alliance%E2%80%99s-folklife-traditional-arts-program-presents-voices-spirit-iv