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[Editorial] CNY @ Viet Hua

(Feb 22nd, 2015)

Chinese New Year in Houston, TX gets bigger every year. Perhaps not as intense as a traditional 15 day celebration in some parts of Asia, there are at least more than a few events for a good three weekends all around town — concerts, parades, celebrations, cultural activities etc. Dragon and Lion dance troupes are invited everywhere to help welcome the new year.

On assignment for the Folklife program, we visited Viet Hua. It has become a place to be the last few years for Chinese New Year celebrations. It host a 2 day event that features just about all of Houston’s Lion and Dragon Dance troupes and a new year market.

Below are a few images from a 2 hour window we were there on the 2nd day.

Gallery at : http://forestphotography.smugmug.com/Events/2015-Solils/20150222-CNY-Viet-Hua/47731790_BQcjbD 


(Feb 8th, 2014)

The Teochew Association gave a nearly complete modern performance/celebration Lions and (a rare) Dragon dance (plus martial arts) at the Hong Kong Market by Guld Freeway South.

more images at: http://forestphotography.smugmug.com/Cantus-Mundus/2014-Cantus-Diem/20140208-Lions-and-Dragon/36967571_7qrNSW

A kid attempts to wake the “napping” lion….