(Sept 8th, 2014)

Square formats has its limitations, and possibilities. Like a chess board, the creativity is found within its square borders. The square format succeeds by not being ‘landscape’ or “‘portrait’.

Taking it one step further via panoramas, “Tiny Planets” app offers a fun way to create square images. A photo purist will no doubt scoff at the idea and application, but then I am no technosnob.

Never say never, of course, until I discover another fun (and easy) way to do photo manipulation, this will probably where I might draw the line. Any more will bring me from a passable decent photographer to a really bad entry level “graphic designer”.

more images at: http://forestphotography.smugmug.com/Art-Folio-And-SHOP/Stand-Alone-Complex/Fun-Squares/44178193_mCtvH9